Photography by John Llewellyn | About
I was a teenager when I became interested in photography. In high school and college I took photos for the school newspaper and yearbook, giving me an appreciation for a picture being worth a thousand words. Once having a camera in my hand, it was natural to start recording the world on film. Soon, I found I was looking at things differently--intrigued by light, texture, color, and composition. I never tired of the magic of bringing a print to life in the darkroom. The smells of the chemicals, the hands on activity of developing film, and challenge of getting the full range of tones in each print were all important parts of the process.

Though I enjoyed the darkroom work, the advent of digital photography has created amazing opportunities for more control of images--both black and white and color--allowing for a more sophisticated control of each image.

So, as I travel the world I challenge myself to capture it in photographs that express the personality of the places and things I see. Although my main interest is in landscape photos, I also enjoy finding interesting things to photograph in cities and the occasional "critter."